Hildsvfar Records



CRANKPOPE: Illinois Sludge/Grind

Satan's Basement

Satan's Basement - Death/Sludge/hardcore. music more underground than the mole people, causing tinnitus since 2005-ish.

The Astronaut King

The Astronaut King - psychedelic space ambient/spaghetti western/doom/acoustic post apocalyptic music for thinking

DJ Fartbot

DJ Fartbot - electronic music like old computer games

Tropical Pinefruits

Tropical Pinefruits - Lords of Brimpcore. Kings of Brimpstep. The sounds of music.

Hildsvfar Records is a The Unrefined Jagoff record label thing specializing in DIY small batch cassette and digital metal/punk/other releases.



Hildsvfar Records - A The Unrefined Jagoff record label thing. Bands: Satan's Basement -- CrankPope -- The Astronaut King -- DJ Fartbot -- Tropical Pinefruits

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